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It's all about the news, that's it! It always has been.
While the look of this site may have changed dramatically from when I started this thing over nine years ago the core of what is about has remained constant, it has always been a place to go to get a daily comprehensive view of NHL coverage in North America.
Now it has to be said that its a big media world in the NHL. Maybe not as big as the other big three sports, but still big enough to leave a footprint in the ground, particularly up here in Canada, where hockey is close to being a National religion.
As of 2009 that print includes 30 NHL teams, six in Canada, 24 in the United States, with 54 local newspapers, four national papers and many other specialty magazines and Web sites that cover the league on a day to day basis.
To really get a true read of what is going on in the NHL on you need to see not only what reporters are writing in your New York City and Los Angeles, but also what is being written in places like Toronto and Vancouver, and then also Buffalo and San Jose and then all the other places inbetween. And since you probably don't have the time to scour these cities news sites that is the service I provide with this site.
If I have missed a story or there is a newspaper that you don't see or blog or anything feel free to e-mail me at
John Burns Webmaster
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